Inboxer FAQ

Inboxer is a tool for emailgeeks ➤ Get inspiration from other brands email designs ➤ View the email as an image and download it ➤ Score the subject line out of 100 ➤ Subject line sentiment ➤ Identify the ESP sending the email ➤ SPF and DKIM status ➤ View the email HTML ➤ Pre-header text ➤ Raw email header ➤ Email tags eg B2B, ecom etc Login required ➤ Add a brand email to inboxer ➤ Keep a list of emails you like on Dashboard ➤ Tag emails with categories like B2B, ecom etc As emailgeeks at Sensorpro this is a version of an internal tool we use daily. But we noted our community asking similar questions so we decided to open it up for everyone 💚 Have an idea? inbox Chris or hit the Chat button 💬

Click Login then click Signup. Then click Profile icon->Profile Subscribe with the inboxer email address shown on your profile. PS The email address will look something like [email protected]

Click Login then click Signup. Then click Profile icon->Profile Subscribe with the inboxer sms telephone number shown on your profile.

Pre-header text is like a 2nd subject line that is shown after the Subject line by some inbox providers. It should be formatted in a very precise way to display correctly. But can mean the difference between an open and not. To make the perfect pre-header:

We rate the Subject line using our AI tool and return a score out of 100 and Sentiment. Score more than 50 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Score less than 10 ⭐️ Score between 10-50 ⭐️⭐️ The Score/Sentiment considers emotion, power words, word count & inboxing best practice.

This is the Spam Assasin score A number more than 5 is likely to end in the junk folder. We traffic light the score as follows 🟥 A score of 5 or higher 🟧 Less than 5 🟩 Less than 1 PS Words on their own do not trigger junk foldering, though short links like certainly do.

We check the send server IP address with blocklists at mxtoolbox 🟥 Listed on at least one blocklist 🟩 Not listed

When a logged in user adds an email to their dashboard, it increases the Popular count.

Signup to save an email you like. Click the Like button. View liked emails on the dashboard. To unlike, click the email & tick the checkbox.

To tag emails with a category like B2B, ecom, Charity, hover over the email and click pencil icom ✎ on top right.

To remove an email from the dashboard, hover over the email and click the Pencil icon ✎

Click View email and use the confirm link within the email.

Some vendors do not use secure links for images. Default browser setting is to block insecure links. This is usually not a problem for the inbox. Use the View as image option to see the rendered email instead.

Logged in users can tag an email for auto posting to the @liveinboxer account.

Something not quite right or have a suggestion? email me or hit the Chat button 💬

People who do email for ecommerce.